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Help to find a port!


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When I check if the port is forwarding correctly it gives an error. I tried many port numbers but it didn't help me.My highest downloading speed is about 5kbps.

I'm using the router ACORP Sprinter@ADSL 420M. I checked everything in the Configure(, but i couldn't find anything related to a port number. There are no english manuels to be found for my router, the offiacial site is also in Russian.

Please help me on this!


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well I cannot find a suitable port for utorrent. the light appears to be yellow(which should be green when the port is forwarding correctly).


Plz go to this link and see the image. This is the Advance settings for my router(i think...)

There's only Bittorrent in the apps.

I usually get speeds upto 53kbps in Limewire and Internet Download Manager, and 5kbps in utorrent!!!

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