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WRT54GS Wireless Router Port forwarding problem


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I attempted to forward a port on the router. the port was forwarded fine, but when i do the check to see if the port is forwarded, it reads a different ip address than the static ip i set up. im on a secondary computer thru the router. ( router physically connected to office computer. i am on wireless other computer, feeding off the signal )

Basically everything says its good to go except utorrent reads the wronf ip address (computer ip rather than the ip i set for it thru router, with which it connects to the internet on )

very confused

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Guess you forward the static IP of your computer.

Believe for Linksys it should be 192.168.1.xxx.

If you have the green light at the bottom of uT I would not worry.

I have the green light but get red "Error" while checking with uT port checker (and there find a different IP)

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