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Continuing a leech


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I'm a newbie, and I'm curious. What if I started a leech, and then I switch computers, can I still continue with the original leech? I have uTorrent etc on my external.

Is this even possible or am I going to have to start all over.

Hope this is in the right place.

Hope that this question is allowed.


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Hi Firon,

Thanks for the info. I tried that. It didn't work. The whole story is that I had almost completed the download. I was literally at 85% for 1, and 45%, and 54% for the other. I had to change computers and I thought that I could continue the download on the new computer if everything was saved to the external harddrive.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong I've searched and followed your instructions, but to no avail. When I did it it almost seemed like it was continuing because it did this weird "checking" progress bar.

*Sigh* I really thought I could do this. I don't really want to start over, but I gotta say its hard! :)

Where am I going wrong?

Thanks again for your advice.:)

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