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File/Directory selecting behaviour (or misbehavior)


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Enjoying uTorrent now that I've upgraded and you've worked some bugs out.

I have a few cosmetic things to post later, but for now, I've seen something you might want to check out.

I'd classify it as an annoyance, tho it wouldn't interfere with operation.

I'm adding a bunch of torrents... when I add one that contains a single file in it, I'm prompted for the filename to download to, and that box initially opens up in the same directory the torrent file is in. Good place to start from, I'm happy.

When I add one containing several files, and utorrent wants to know what directory to save them to, instead of asking for a filename, instead of starting from the same directory the torrent file is in, it starts from root of the whole tree. (in Win2000, this would be "Desktop")

Please have that selector open up initially in the same directory as the selected torrent, like the previous behavior? :)

So far, I'm quite satisfied. With the max connections dropped down to 4, it is even dialup-friendly too. :)

-- Smoovious

(edit: I erred... when dropping torrents with a single file in them, utorrent opens the 'save to' box in the last directory I saved to instead of the directory the dropped torrent was in. I had been going through the menu before and didn't notice this, so could you set things so the 'save to' box always starts off in the directory the dropped torrent file was in?)

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