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Wanting to use both NICs

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It doesn't work for me.

I had both of my NICs on. The wired one's LAN was, and the wireless one was They are 2 different WANs.

So, I set the net.bind_ip and the net.outgoing_ip to, and then I restarted uTorrent. Then, I checked my ip with http://www.mediacollege.com/internet/utilities/show-ip.shtml, and made sure I was using the Internet with the wired WAN. Then I disabled the wired NIC. As a result, my uTorrent stopped as well, showing that it was still connecting with the wired WAN. Which was not what I wanted.

I want to do EVERYTHING except uTorrent with my wired WAN/ISP, and use uTorrent with the wireless WAN/ISP from a different router AT THE SAME TIME. :cool:

Is it possible? :rolleyes:

P.S. Could you unban me from the IRC please? I was just repeating my question... Please, I promise I won't fool around again. :(

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Oh, the setting works just fine and does exactly what it's supposed to (you can see it works through wireshark caps). Except Windows likes to casually ignore it and use whatever adapter it feels like anyway sometimes.

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Thnx Ultima, Windows is routing everything perfectly now, but there is still one problem.

The trackers don't seem to like "netbind.ip" and "net_outgoing.ip" at all.

"connection closed by peers" Shows up no matter which way I binded my ip.

Need help quick! :(


I changed both values to the WAN addresses, and the trackers started to accept connections, but the routing seems to fail again. Also, the port seems to be closed somehow... I'm pretty sure they were forwarded.

I want my wi-fi uses ut and cable uses everything, so I set the cable's Metric value lower , which is a bit unnecessary because windows automatically assigns a lower metric value to the faster connection.

When I tried what the guy did, setting both metric values to 1, the "everything" just uses whichever connection that was opened most recently.

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