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My port suddenly become unavail! help!


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alright I am having trouble with my internet connection, I have D-link DI-524 typical wireless router, and have Rogers high speed for service, yes i know rogers throttles all the bandwidth and its bad, but before i got some pretty decent speeds but now it just suddenly drops.

I was downloading a large file in utorrent today and i realise the speed is pretty slow, not because there are low seeders, its because my port wasn't connected, but the port i was using which is 22420 and it worked just fine, but somehow i get an error. Anyways so i was like "okay fine ill just grab another port" so i tried MANY MANY different kind of ports ranging from various numbers and it still does not connect! I am getting pretty pissed off right now, my download speed is going so slow and im not even connected to any seeders which makes me mad!

anyone knows whats going on? and no its not my firewall or kaspersky, i have settings which doesn't bother with my torrents and its speed.

edit:btw if you guys REALLY need to know the firewall is the typical firewall from windows, you know i got it when i installed my windows xp.

but i checked a box that utorrent should not block utorrent so it should be fine.

EDIT: Okay the speed is like a rollercoaster, its going up, down, up down, i mean it was going around 130 kB/s and now it goes down to 10kB/s or even down to NOTHING. wierd.

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