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Can i set static IP using wireless - SGB900i


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Hey guys

im am having issues making utorrent work consistently, i am going to pull my hair out! At the moment i have installed beta 1.8 and the NAT symbol is the dreaded red exclamation mark and says i have a listening port problem.

this all started when I recently got new laptop with vista, so i installed utorrent and have tried to follow the guides on setting up static & port forwarding. I have set up 3 seperate ports, but still the port checker says they are not set up, even though i have set it up on both firewall and modem/router

i have noticed that the IP address in the portchecker is not the IP of my PC but rather the WAN IP of the modem/router. tried to call telstra (australian ISP) to discuss static IP and they told me that you cant set static using wireless connection.

I have a motorola SGB900i modem but this model is not in the portfwd list. The SGB900 is but the screens are slightly different when working my way through the guide. When i follow the guide and try to set static up the laptop tells me there is a network conflict as another pc has the IP that i try to set up. The IP i use has been sourced from the ip/configall cmd so i am unsure how this all works.

i have another laptop connected to the LAN, as well as my PS3, but the other PC has different IP to my new PC. utorrent works on the other laptop but speeds not great and have the yellow triangle. Again i have tried to sort it out as directed in the guides etc but seem to fail at the last step

I am wondering if it is my modem/router.

I am not a newbie user and work in IT dev, but i feel like i am going round in circles and getting to the point of just not using utorrent at all, ever. Which would be crappy as i really like the UI and ease of use.

I am at my wits end!! can anybody pls help me that has a similar model modem/router?

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