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RSS feed auto-download not working (1.7.7 + 1.8 beta)


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I want to automatically download the content of every torrent listed in the RSS feed of a private tracker. I managed to do add the :COOKIE:uid=x;pass=y to the RSS link with success, every listed RSS item shows up in uTorrent.

I edited the feed to "automatically download published items in feed", but it doesn't download anything.

And when I try to manually download an item (right-click feed item -> download) it gives an error which says:

Unable to load "http://www.tracker.com/details.php?id=9999": Invalid redirect (details.php?id=9999).

I think the problem is that the RSS feed links doesn't link to the .torrent files, but to a details page. And only then, on the details page, is a link to the .torrent file.

I tried both uTorrent 1.7.7 and 1.8 beta, but to no avail.

Can anyone help? What can be done? There has to be a way, because private trackers are flurishing and most don't actually link directly to the .torrent file, I'm sure someone must have thought of something to make it happen. :)

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There are tuts to use alternate feed parsers... right now and for the forseeable future uT MUST be provided links to the torrents. Talk of course to customize feeds has been going on ... and revives every once in a while. Unfortuately there are only 25 hours in the day for programmers, and so there are some more pressing things than to overhaul RSS, though I'd expect with Scheduler going under scrutiny for 1.9, that maybe RSS will get a revamp for 2.0 <hope>

You could always ask the site.. the worst they say is NO... or you must donate to get the special feed name/link. If you try poking at their form code you may even be able to elucidate it for you (similar to how mininova.org adds "&direct" to rss to get the /tor instead of /det from the feed)

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Ok cool. Thanks for clearing that up, jewelisheaven. :)

One question, you said uT must be provided with direct links..does that mean there are other bittorrent clients which support automatic .torrent downloading, even when provided with a non-direct RSS feed?

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Not quite. The alternative most people suggest as to "__ has it why can't uT have it" is Azureus. BUT MOST functions in azureus are implemented through plugins. Since uT's ONLY plugin is WebUI, it does limit the speed at which features are implemented but you can be sure they're not half-cocked or stupid features which don't add utility ;)

By alternate feed readers several come up with a simple search of "rss feed" up above there.

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Could you point me in the right direction for providing the cookie information? I am assuming you are not just talking about adding the user and password to the RSS feed URI in uT, right? So maybe you mean I need to find and take apart the cookie for TL? Assuming I could find this information, is there a particular format or any tags that need to be contained in my RSS.xml file in order to persist these credentials to uT processing of my local feed?

Should we take this conversation out of this forum?

Meanwhile, I experiment with this information from the RSS FAQ:

Using feeds that require cookies

To use feeds that require cookies, you must find the cookie for the site, and grab UID and pass from it.

Once you have the appropriate information, use this format for the feed URL:



UPDATE: Thanks! OMG, it works! Thank you for that tiny, ever-so-helpful tip! I love this... now I no longer need to depend on TL's RSS feed if they shut it down. I have a perl script that opens their cookie using ActiveState perl's HTTP::Cookies::Microsoft and checks that my uid and pass in the cookie still match the same cridentials as those that I am currently using in uT's feed. If all is well, my dJuggler script which just web scraped their browse.php page post processes the resulting newly released torrents list, and generates a locally webhosted XML file on my Windows 7 Beta IIS web server.

Finally, uT is back in business camping on this feed, and happily returns to its regularly scheduled favorites processing routine that delivers the goods effortlessly once again.

Thanks again for your tip on appending the COOKIE credentials like this: http://localhost/TorrentLeechRSS/TorrentLeechRSS.xml:COOKIE:uid=123456;pass=a1b2c3d4e5f6g7

I can attest to the fact that uT COOKIE credential persisting works like a champ! Is there anything more ellegantly intuitive, robust and lite weight than uT's RSS Downloader? Hardly! I love regular expression-capable engines like uT's. :cool:

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