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Crash and port problem; Beta 10364


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I've been using 1.8 beta 10364 and for the most part, it's worked fine. However this morning, it crashed on me. I wasn't even actively using it, just browsing web sites while it downloaded in the background. It said that a crash dump wasn't generated, but I found the following dump file which is dated this morning. Due to the small size, I doubt that it's complete, but I uploaded it just in case;


Also, just a few minutes ago, I discovered that all downloads and uploads had stopped and there was a red exclamation mark in the status bar. The tooltip told me that I needed to change the Listen port. I did that, but it didn't help. Nothing had been changed on my firewall or router and no other P2P programs were running on my system.

I just closed everything down, rebooted and it now it's working again. I even changed the port number back to what it was to see if my ISP had blocked it. No problems at all.

This is under Windows 98SE.

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