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Universal Plug and Play..........


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I selected and entered a static address,went to the port forward page,found the modem,followed the directions,and still get a triangle yellow light.

The page told me to uncheck the UPnP,which I did,but it mentioned nothing further about it in the instructions.

Today,I was reading the connections tutorial linked from the web page and mentioned if you don't have UPnP,it is necessary to forward the port manually.

*****However,my router page has a link through to a Universal Plug and Play option,which I linked to. It offered me these three options,each with a check mark box:

Enable the Universal Plug and Play(UPnP) Service

Allow users to make configuration changes through UPnP

Allow UPnP to pass through Firewall

If I do this,should I be able to connect to the port,to get a green light?

Am I the only "user" who can make a configuration change,or would it include others,other the utorrent?

If I experiment will there be any damage I can't undo by going back to the way it was before?


Thank you.

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It's easier to enable UPnP than to manually forward. You'll have to enable all 3 options for it to work right, though there's still a chance it still won't.

Yes, any program can use UPnP to forward, but it's not really that big of a deal.

No, there will be no damage and you can always turn it off and forward manually.

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