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As a polite Canadian (with an even politer British origin) :) I'd like to add a third request for this feature.

Also, this might be intentional, but one limitation of the notification sound as it's coded now is say a download finishes while my screensaver is running or monitor is off, the sound won't play until I've come back to the computer and un-idled it by moving the mouse etc. It would be much better if the sound would play immediately upon completion regardless of whether the computer is idle or not.

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I just started using uTorrent and this is a feature that is pushing me towards using a different client.

It's quite simple to do one of the following:


allow the user to specify a wav file for the Download complete event

play an existing windows sound event

I use the windows sound events a lot in the applications I create because you don't have to include a sound file, it's just a few lines of code to set it up and then a single command to play the sound, and you get more flexibility than using the standard "beep". Uses: sndPlaySound in winmm.dll

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No, there isn't a source code available to the public. Relax. :| If you ask nicely, you may get what you want. However, with your current attitude... :/

this answer is by far worse than whatever bad attitude dude had... can't stand this type of response... basically, fugth...

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Until they implement this function (Notification Sound) in uTorrent, this might help:

I found this online:

Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bittorrent/comments/is926/useful_play_sound_when_download_completes_in/

Thanks to helloutofdodge from reddit.com

Useful: Play sound when download completes in uTorrent

1) Open Notepad and paste the following script

Set wmp = CreateObject("WMPlayer.OCX")

wmp.settings.autoStart = True

wmp.URL = "C:\Windows\Media\Windows Battery Low.wav"

while wmp.Playstate <> 1

WSH.Sleep 100


2) Save it as DownloadComplete.vbs to the uTorrent.exe program folder (or any other folder you like):

3) In uTorrent preferences type the location of DownloadComplete.vbs.

That`s it.

Screenshot: N55oh.jpg

It works for me. You can also change the sound.

Windows 7 sound files (*.wav files) are usualy located in C:\Windows\Media


Oh, and thank you for uTorrent, it`s a great program.


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Windows Script Host
Script: C:\programs\DownloadComplete.vbs
Line: 6
Char: 1
Error: Expected statement
Code: 800A0400
Source: Microsoft VBScript compilation error


That is what you got from this script.

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Here's a quick and dirty method for Windows 7 users to use a windows system sound (or any sound file) to play when a torrent finishes downloading:

go to Options > Preferences > Advanced > Run Program

In the "Run this program when a torrent finishes" box, type:

wmplayer "C:\Windows\Media\Afternoon\Windows Logon Sound.wav"

Then click the "Apply" button, and you're done!

When a torrent finishes, this will open windows media player and play whatever sound file path is in the quotes. You still need to close media player, but you can do this when you come back to the pc as your torrent just finished downloading :)

Note: the sound file provided in the example is from windows 7. XP users (not sure about Vista) don't need this, as the standard system notification (i.e. "the balloon notification") will make the familiar "popping" sound.

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