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keyboard bug


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in the files list for a torrent that has many files, say you want only a group of files, normally we can just click the 1st, press SHIFT and click the last file, µt will select all those files.

but what happens when shift isn't pressed while scrolling, and we press it when at the last file, the list just scrolls back up to the 1st file. we loose our spot and have to scroll down again. its been hapenning for a long time, i wouldn't say its a feature.

if you want to select a specific group of files that has more than 1 page worth of files (ie: need to scroll down to see last file), then when selecting the 1st file, and using the mouse wheel to scroll down to the last file when pressing the SHIFt key , the list scrolls back up to the 1st selected file. so we loose our position in the list and we have to scroll back down to the last file to click it.

probably some code in the keypress procedure to show the selected file on keypress.

weird list bug, hope it can be fixed.

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1. Click the first item in the listview (after the torrent has been added, and started downloading)

2. Scroll to the bottom (with the mouse's scrollwheel)

3. Press Shift

4. listview jumps back to top, so repeat procedure. usually its doesnt happen a 2nd time.

it happens usually just once per windows session, then it goes away if i'm lucky, but its been going on for a long time.

if the code doesnt do it, then its probly not µt, but if its a bug i'd rather squash it.

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listview lameness , yes it has in XP and also Vista can you imagine its still hapenning ?

but not in explorer, or any other program. its only hapenned in µt for a while now.

but there's got to be a way to trap the keyboard when the shift key is pressed, like if the program catches the keypress then windows doesn't have any choice but to let the event bubble to the program.

maybe just a simple line of code in the main.keypressed() function could fix this.

it can be any line of code (aslong that it uses that function) like an if ...then..., to check wich key was pressed and just some random number stored in a variable, delete the var when exiting the proc.

all i know is, i dont feel confident when i scroll, because i'm always thinking : is this gonna roll back up now and i have to find the 1st file all over again?

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