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green light but still slow on multiple computers


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I have no idea what's going on here...

didn't have a green light a day ago- changed something and now I have one

however, the speeds are still the same when I had the yellow triangle, AND the port forward test shows my port as not forwarded even though o have a green light...

updated my router's firmware (the one I'm connected to-wrt54gs)

now...I think the problem has something to do with the way my network is set up. I have a gateway (netgear cg814gcmr)with all of the hard lines in the house hooked up to it. Hooked up to this router is a wrt54gs to which I am connected via a wireless signal.

One of the other computers connected via a hard line is also experiencing slow speeds. The ports are forwarded correctly and the port forward test says i'm fine.

speed test says 4000Kb down and ~900Kb up although i've gotten anywhere from -9000Kb down to ~300Kb down. Up speed has been pretty consistent at around 900.

Any help/pointers would be appreciated

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i tried downloading a torrent with a lot of seeders (around 2000, but not open office). It was still slow. I've had the torrent with 2k seeders going for over 4 hours and it hasn't gotten above 40kb/s

EDIT: open office isn't going above 20kb/s and i've had it up 15-20 min

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