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Sharing From Two Computers


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I have the following set up on my home network:

Desktop Computer - Lan with 2M/200K internet connection.

Laptop Computer - Cellular modem with 1.5M/1.5M internet connection.

As a result of the connections speed I want to use the Laptop's upload connection speed for seeding when I'm at home.

My questions are:

1. Can I use two computers to seed (!) from the same location?

(Torrents that I'll be leeching will be downloaded by one computer only.)

2. Can I have uTorrent with two torrents lists on my laptop? (One when I'm at home and one when I'm not). Are two independable installations of uTorrent possible?

3. How do I force uTorrent to use the cellular connection for sharing and not the Lan's inernet connection?


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