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Speed issues - Green Checkmark/other questions


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Hello, I am having some downloading issues. This morning a torrent I was download was downloading at a rate of around 40-70kb/s. Occasionally it shoots all the way up to 130 but after a couple minutes it dies back down to the 60's and stays there for a while.

I opened up the ports, I have a green checkmark. I am confused by the fluctuation of the download speed. Other people who are downloading the torrent finish in roughly 30 minutes, while mine takes 4-5 HOURS. The router I'm using is 2wire with Qwest connections.

1. I am not on the main computer. Do firewall/router settings on the main computer affect my computer?

2. Here is the torrent I am downloading, lots of leechers and seeders. Popular torrent. Just went up this morning. I was the first person to grab it about 2.5 hours ago and I'm still only at 60%.


Lots of others have finished long ago.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot

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Are you uploading equally slow?

Or worse, slower?!

Does the upload speed take a nosedive about the same times as your download speed?

Quite likely, about 50% of all peers and seeds are firewalled. If you are too, you can't download OR upload with ANY of them. Sucks doesn't it?

Problem is, on an old torrent with 10 total peers+seeds, there may only be ONE unfirewalled peer or seed...and he's busy with everyone else. :P

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