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Settings and executable folders


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When ut starts, it looks for the settings.dat file. Frequently users ask in the forum where the settings folder is. I can think of several situations where the user would like to open the settings folder. My suggestion is to add 2 menu functions, maybe under the "Help Menu" :

1_ Open Settings Folder

2_ Open utorrent executable Folder

In case of running utorrent self-contained (encapsulated), the 2 options should open the same folder.

If ut is not encapsulated, that session of utorrent already knows where the settings folder is located, so it shouldn't be difficult for it to open the right folders for each function.

Of course the text of each function could be more appropriate, and maybe the Help Menu is not the right one to put these 2 functions, but I think you get the idea.

In ut 1.7.7 stable, running ut encapsulated, the log shows that the settings file was found in the same directory where the executable is located. I think an alternative to the 2 suggested functions could be to inform the path to each of the 2 folders in the Log Pane, when utorrent starts. This way is not so simple as a click in a menu to open the right folders, but still people can see this in their logs (and copy-paste the path), and maybe it could save time in the forum.

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