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[Guide] Port forwarding Sanex SA-5100 ADSL Modem/Router


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Today, for the first time I can forward utorrent port succesfully. I'm using a new router since today.

I want to share some information to forward ports on Sanex SA-5100 ADSL Modem/Router.

Here we go :

1. Make sure your computer is set with STATIC ip address. How to set static IP address

1.1. Go to Control Panel > Network Connection

1.2. Choose your internet connection then click properties

1.3. Select Internet Protocol then click properties

1.4. New window will appear, set your STATIC IP here.

---------------- illustration here --------------------

2. Choose your favourite port number

2.1. Open utorrent > Options > Preferences

2.2. In connection tab, type your favourite number, between 1024 and 35565

2.3. Remember this number ;)

---------------- illustration here --------------------

3. Port forward on your router

3.1. Open up you router setting. Its default address is, default username and

password are both "admin" (without quote)

3.2. Choose Advance > Virtual Server > Services > Add

3.3. Add new rule to forward your favorite port

---------------- illustration here -----------------------

3.3.1. choose custom service, name it whatever you want

3.3.2. select protocol, usually TCP

3.3.3. enter your torrent port number (from step 2.2) to both on WAN port and server host

3.3.4. enter YOUR COMPUTER's IP address on server IP address

3.3.5. click OK

---------------- illustration here ----------------------

4. Reboot your router

5. Your port is forwarded :D

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i have an ADSL modem s6307tv i dont knw how to port forward in this pls help me out i have an 512 kbs connection and my download speeds are up to 0.1 to 5!!! i really need help

i tried doing the static ip adress but afterwards my internet dont work so i reset everything

pls contact me xxx_121@hotmail.com to help me

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