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CPU = 99% and All dl/ul goes down to 0 kb/s


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As subject say.

When I add more than 1 torrent to download/upload cpu usage rise to 99% and dl/ul stops, but only if I minimize the program to tray.

Using Windows XP Pro SP2.

Sorry my bad english

Same here. Having 4 seeds and 4 downloads, my cpu usage and down up speeds changes like this:

- for ~90 secs it is normal, downloading fine, minimal CPU usage,

- then for ~60 seconds cpu rises to 99% and up/down speed drops to 0 and this keeps on repeating forever.

Strange... i try to localize the reason...

EDIT: Trying the NOD32 exclusion adding trick...

EDIT2: The exclusion editing fixed it. Thanks for the tip :)

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btw. Is it NOD32 or is it utorrent? I mean every since i use nod32, i didn't have to add any prog to its exclusion list. I tried some torrent clients, and some network progs, but the list was empty till now... :rolleyes:

Anyway this won't keep me from change my default torrent proggie to utorrent :)

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