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getting yellow not green


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My torrent was working fine two days back but suddenly i could not download anything as there is always yellow triangle instead of green. i have not made any chages and my connection is working well with 100 mb/s. i could see peers and seeds but could not download any files.

i have reinstalled utorrent couple of times but did not work.

could some one pls let me know how can i use torrent to download thigs again?

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I have a similar, but slightly different problem. My icon is always yellow (no incoming connections), but I have great download speeds. I'm pretty sure that my port forwarding is correct (on one of the private trackers that I use a lot you can go to a page with a torrent and it will tell you which users are seeds/peers and whether they are "connectable" or not. I'm always listed as connectable.

While everything seems to be working fine, I keep thinking that the icon used to be green and should be green. What else do I need to check?


Further, I only ever seems to see the flags U D X H E. I assume the one I'd see that would mark me as accepting incoming connections is I.

I'm wondering if it's not that I'm not connectable, but rather everyone who connects to me is doing it through Peer Exchange or DHT. Maybe there is no need for an I type connection?

Sorry if that's complete hooey, I'm not up on how this all works.

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