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uTorrent and Comcast.


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OK I recently switched from VZ Fios to comcast. And speed tests show me has having 17000 Kb/s down and 2700 Kb/s up (I know the down is probably inflated due to "speedbooster") but after much testing I have found that my web browsing gets severely compromised when using uTorrent (erratic down and upload speeds, pings going from 50ms when not using uTorrent to 1500ms with it). I managed to solve the problem by doing one of two things:

1. Changing my global max upload speed to 20 KB/s way below my max 337.5 KB/s

2. Limiting my upload slots to 1

Otherwise as soon as I am uploading to more than one peer at a rate great than 10-20 KB/s (I can be uploading to 8 peers if the speed to each is less than 10 KB/s without any major problems) my web browsing becomes erratic.

So I guess my question is: I can limit my global upload speed, or my number of upload slots, but is there any way I can set a max upload speed per slot. It would be much better if I could set 10 upload slots @ 10 KB/s each, rather than having to have 1 @ 100 KB/s or 10 sharing a capped 20 KB/s.

I know this is unrelated but the problem seems to exist globally and not just with uTorrent. If I upload a file (to megaupload for example) if I have my "max connections per server" in my web browser set higher than 1, I get the same problems. How can comcast limit it so to utilize the full upload speed you can only use it with one IP connection at a time?

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And speed tests show me has having 17000 Kb/s down and 2700 Kb/s up (I know the down is probably inflated due to "speedbooster")

But you didn't know that the up is "speedboosted" too? So forget about 377.5KB/s, the real up speed is most probably way much slower and this is the reason of your all problems.

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I understand that the download speed is only rated at 8 or 6Mb/s but speedbooster does increase the download speed for the 1st 10MBs of a file downloaded, so all download speed test (since they dont use files larger than 10MB) reflect the speedbooster speed not the rated speed.

I understand that there maybe a similar thing to speedbooster working on the upload, but every speed test I have run shows upload speeds in the 2.5 - 2.8 Mb/s.

I would agree you, jewelisheaven, if it wasnt for the fact that I can upload to a single peer at 186KB/s (approx 1.5Mb/s) without a problem, but as soon as I upload to 2 peers at 20KB/s each, 40KB/s total (320 Kb/s) which is less than 384Kb/s (I understand you have overhead for acks). And anyway since each piece of the torrent is under 10MBs would all uploading and downloading be done at speedboosted speeds. To back up this argument I can download a linux distro (600MBs) at a solid 1.2MB/s (9.6 Mb/s) obviously a speedboosted speed. I will try setting the speed to xx/384 and see if that makes a difference.

After setting to xx/384 it isnt as bad, but the pings are still noticeably higher and web browsing is a little erratic. But I believe this is cos the global cap being 35 KB/s and with 4 upload slots its unlikely that I would get 1 above 20KB/s and another over 10KB/s But I get better web performance with 1 slot and a cap of 186KB/s vs the xx/384 settings so I dont believe the problem is not having enough upload bandwidth.

OK I accept that I may have been wrong, or at least looking too much into this, after further, sustained upload speed tests, I get high upload speeds dropping to 48/KBs (384Kb/s) Thank you for the suggestion of xx/384 I will leave it like that and it seems to be usable.

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