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another scheduledr feature


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I have a Internet account that have a peak time download of 20 gig and an off peak of 40gig.

the account is resent on the 17th of each month.

I was thinking it would be awesome if it was possible to enter the peak and off peak times for my internet account and then allocate the maximum download i want to use for peak and off peak in that month.

EG: Account resent accures on the XX of each month.

Peak period Starts at ........XX:XX time

Off-Peak period starts at... XX:XX time

This month I wish to limit my total downloads quota: Peak XX and Offpeak to XX.

limit total bandwith to Peak XX offpeak XX

When these each of the limits are met the connections stop untill the next month begins on the assigned date.

I only use Utorrent on my highest spec machine and this approach would make Utorrent totally hands off. I thought of this as I keep maxing out my account and being shaped halfway through each month.

I guess you guys would be able to refine the idea further if you see merrit in it.

Love Utorrent, love your work.


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