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checking torrent for ages?


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I have two quite big torrents, ones 6.42 gb (70mb to go!!) and ones 25gb. Anyway I rebooted my server and for some reason WebUi just says "checking" for ages. I know it checks the torrent files to see where it is to contiune, but there is no percentage on checking progress.

I have tried pushing stop, it says stopped, then resume, and it just goes to checking for ages..

why has it stuck??


ok, one torrent (6gb one) has just started checking...?!?!

the bigger torrent (25gb) has stuck, it isnt moving..

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checking goes through the whole file. IF the drives are slow or fragmented or the computer is overloaded with processes you won't likely get best performance.... Honestly you need the GUI to find out how fast it's transferring data... or at least some HUD. Process Explorer can show I/O per process.

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