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Bizarre Speed issues


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I have been using utorrent for a long time and have never experienced any issues with download speeds.

My router is setup correctly and is forwarding as it should, I have the green tick as I always have, but all of a sudden my download speeds have dropped from 500k a second to 28k a second for no apparent reason.

The only change to my system lately was an update from norton 2007 to norton 2008 but speeds were fine after the update and it wasn't until later that issues started. I did go in and setup a firewall rule for my utorrent port allowing communication and configured the program control rule for utorrent to also allow connection to the utorrent port. I did this and then rebooted and speeds went back to 500k a second so i thought great all is well. I then started downloading a file which immediately went up to 280k a second which was fine but then within an hour the speed had dropped again and no matter what I do I cannot resolve the problem.

Just incase it was 2008 causing the problem I removed it and went back to norton 2007 which had always worked without a problem but no change. I have never needed to ever play with the settings of norton 2007 it just worked. However just be sure I have now set up a rule there also, but no joy.

If I download from any other site like microsoft etc then I still get 500k+ a second speed so the connection itself is still running full speed, just utorrent is going slow.

I have searched and googled for anything that might help but nothing. I'm confused, never had any problems before.

Can anyone help ?



Additional, I just plugged my network connection into another PC which does not use a router and does not run any form on Norton and the same thing happens there. Downloads from "legitimate" sites is 500k a sec, utorrent download speed is 28k a sec so it would seem that this is somehow been controlled by my ISP. I'm using Bell Sympatico (not my house, so I have no choice in this). Is there any way they can stop just torrent traffic, I have encryption turned on.

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Yep, I have just been looking into the throttling issue, it seems like Sympatico throttle down speeds for large chunks of the day.... (enter appropiate insults here)...

Guess I will reinstall norton 2008 and then look into ways around this.

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