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utorrent vista blueScreen


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I recently got a new laptop with vista on it. Everything runs perfectly except for utorrent (or anyother torrent program for that matter).

Everytime i start utorrent, after a few mins I get a blue screen error. Different errors I have gotten include:

IRQL not less or equal

codebug usb driver

page fault in non paged area.

I acutually get really good speeds untill everything crashes.

All of my software and drivers are up-to-date. I have isntalled service pack 1 for vista.

(there does not seem to be a problem with my RAM or any other storeage devices).

i use AVG free antivirus. the only firewall i have is windows firewall.

is there any fix for this problem?


is there a compatible version of ANY torrent program that runs on vista?

my pc specs:

HP pavilion dv6000

core 2 duo T7250 @ 2GHz

32 bit OS


Nvidia 8400GS.

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i downloaded the latest windows update (including all optional updates except one)

i connect to the net using a wired connection. a LAN cable on my university internet.

the only thing i use the usb ports for is to conenct my wireless mouse. all my windows updates installed successfully except one: "HID non user input data filter"

if i click check for updates on windows update , now it crashes and theres the usual BSOD.

"IRQL not less or equal" is by far the most common error i'm getting.

i've set utorrent's affinity to one core. still keeps crashing :(

i've got windows vista ultimate and considering the money i spent on it i really don't want to go back to xp. but at this rate it seems i'll have to.

i really wish microsoft and Nvidia would stop releasing half finish products.

i have 18 minidump files (one from each crash so far). how can i read them or is there anyone i can send them to, to analyse?

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ran the ram test , my mem is fine.

turns our half the drivers on my laptop were out of date. they didn't show up on windows auto update but they did on radar sync. unfortunatly once they showed up my laptop crashed. now everytime i use win auto update or radar synd i get a blue screen :(

irony = the program i need to update my drivers crashes, cuz the drivers needed to help run the program, are out of date.



i used DRIVER MAGICIAN and updated my drivers (which win auto update did not).

everything is running smoothly now.

there is still the occasional crash which is to be expected from vista. but at least the crashes are a lot less frequent now.

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