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changed my computer and my speeds crashed


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Hi I just changed my computer and my download speeds have gone from pretty good to almost nothing. I'm hoping someone will be able to tell me how to fix it.

My home network is set up with a 2wire modem/router connected to a desktop, and my laptop connected to it through wireless. I usually use my laptop for my downloads and my speeds were alright 100kb/s to 200 kb/s for most things. Then i changed my desktop and my speeds dropped to 1 or 2 kb/s.

I had previously forwarded the port i was using and it worked fine. I heard from someone that after i changed my desktop i would have to forward my ports again so i tried. Everytime i use the checking function in utorrent, however, it shows the error, port is not open message.

I browsed around the settings page for my router and i found that the public IP address listed for all the devices is not the same as the one that is found on the port forwarding checking screen. it says checking port xxxx on xxx.xxx.x.xxx, but the public IP listed in my router's setting page is not the same. when i used a different port forwarding test that allows you to manually input the IP address, i input the public address from the settings page and it said the port was open. is this what's causing my problem?


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