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Starts afresh each time I open it.


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I sincerely apologise if this has been tackled elsewhere on the forum or in the FAQ section. I couldn't find an answer to my query anywhere else, so if I've missed it somewhere, sorry.

Basically my utorrent had been running fine - until my ISP buggered up one day and refused to open. We had to re-install the ISP stuff onto my computer, and since then I've tried to download files with no luck. Utorrent opens each time asking to run speed tests etc, and once I've clicked on the button to continue with current settings, I can start downloading files as normal.

However instead of still being there when I open utorrent up again, they've disappeared and it's asking me for my speed and other settings again.

Now this only happens after I've shut my computer down. My download will still be there if I were to shut down my utorrent and exit it completely now, then restart it. However it won't be there if I were to do the same but shut down my computer afterwards.

Any help and/or advice? I tried to un-install it then re-install but I still have the same problem.

Thanks in advance for any help. Really appreciate it.


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It doesn't matter how long I wait until I shut down my computer after closing utorrent - it simply opens up without previous downloads and asks for my settings again.

This happens every time I shut my computer down, no matter how long I've waited after closing utorrent.

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