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another person with speed problems


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h'ok fairly experienced torrent user but ive seemed to have lost all speed, crawling at 5kb/s trying to download mass effect, and all downloads have the same problem, which should be downloading near full speed (300) the amount of people that have it

things i have tried:

using bthomehub, portfowarded correctly tested and working, using port 40321 via ethernet cable

80% upload speed limit, 45kb/s (a bit low i think but thats what it came out as)

protocol encryption enabled

speed guide is set to xx/512

i have no firewall enabled(completey turned off, including the hubs firewall) whilst using utorrent

upnp is enabled on both the hub and utorrent

using utorrent on multiple machines so i dont think its a hardware issue, using winxp

the current laptop im suing for torrents only has utorrent, auslogics boost speed, msn messenger and orbit downloader installed, none of which are on when downloading

please help im out of ideas what else to bring my speed back up

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I also experience slow speeds on utorrent (15-20kB/s max.) I have forwarded port and tried everything to max out connection but no luck.

I tested that norton file = www.norton.com/nis08 and it was downloading at 250-300kB/s however utorrent and limewire are still really slow at downloading for me.

So can anyone offer any help ? im currentley downloading a file with 145 seeders and 719 peers and the max its downloading at is 10kB/s.

Also since limewire tends to go really slow for me as well im guessing its all p2p applications that i use will go slow, thing is i use to get great speeds but i dont know what has happened.

So please help, cheers ppl i appreciate this :)

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