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Hard disk problem after using torrents


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Now I have Bad Blocks in my HD that 1 years old. I want to know whether using torrents could cause these Bad Blocks or not.

I assume this because now I regularly use torrent to download file to my HD that now has Bad Blocks, at least one time or twice a month. I've rarely used it before, I've other HD that now 6 years old that I rarely used torrents to download into it and I

never had any Bad Block before. When I'm running CHKDSK /r on the HD that now has Bad Blocks it found an error in file that was downloaded using torrents and in the middle of downloading using torrent few days ago, Windows gave me Error that my HD has Bad Block.

Could someone clarify this? Does using torrents could be the cause of the Bad Blocks or is it because my HD can't handle torrents operations (torrents write block by block by downloading and make my HD heads work much harder) so it cause Bad Blocks and make my HD failed? Or the HD is already in process of failing whether I'm using torrents or not?

By the way,the files that was downloaded is safe and don't corrupted, they don't have any Malware/Viruses.

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Thanks for the reply.

I know normal operations of torrents can't caused it. But, could the physical defects on the drive was cause because I was using too much torrents at once? I assume this because I think too much torrents used (downloading/seeding) make the drive heads to work much harder and it make physical defects on the drive.

And I wonder about that a person said in a blog that he also having Bad Blocks in his HD because he also was using torrents.

Now I'm confused what to do? I'm still scared using torrents again.

Even though, the easiest way to check whether this is true or not, is by using torrents in my other HD that still work or a new HD, if it started getting Bad Blocks, then the highest suspect is using torrents.

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