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Slow + download spikes


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uTorrent 1.7.7

Port 42424 forwarded correctly through firewall

net.max_halfopen = 80

Have TCPIP.sys patch

Global number of connections = 200

Max num. connected peers = 100

Num upload slots = 3

Have 5 active downloads

Trying to d/l OpenOffice v2.4.1.rc2 torrent - it's the fastest download on my list in a peak rate of about 40Kbps, but it goes up and down all the time - reaches 35-40 and the drops to 20.. My speed view looks like a sine graph. I can't seem to cross the 40Kbps limit on this torrent.

On other torrents my problem is worse 'cause at most I can download at about 5Kbps, but usually it download at no more than 0.1Kbps - 2Kbps (for example when connected to 2(43) seeds and 40(860) peers).

Any idea how I can improve my d/l speed?

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