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Download start fast then decreases...


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I would really like to fix this, these are my settings...

Network Ok

Cable Internet

Download Speed - 17768 kbps (2221 KB/sec)

Upload Speed - 2823 kbps (352.9 KB/sec)

Windows Xp Pro Service Pack 2

Windows Xp Firewall

I think i have forwarded my port correctly, Is there a place where i can check if i have or havent?

Isp is not known to do traffic shaping

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ComCast is known to have SpeedBoost which causes speed tests to show temporary speeds higher than SUSTAINABLE speeds.

Your real download and upload max are likely far lower.

My guess is your upload max is either 384 kilobits/second or 768 kilobits/second.

Try the 2nd link in my signature for decent settings for either upload speed. :)

ComCast does have a policy of disconnecting BitTorrent connections after awhile, so on older torrents with fewer than 10 total seeds+peers it can be VERY hard to stay connected to most of them! It helps immensely to NOT be firewalled, as the peers/seeds will often try to reconnect automatically on their own.

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Download Speed - 880 - 950kB/s

Upload Speed - 1.3 - 4.2 kB/s (Why was this so low?)



Port - 45682 (Is open and accepting connections)

Randomize port each time uTorrent starts - Unchecked

Enable UPnP port mapping - Checked

Enable NAT-PMP port mapping - Checked

Add uTorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions - Checked

Proxy Server - None

Maximum upload rate - 68

Maximum download rate - 950

Global Maximum number of connections - 600

Maximum number of connected peers per torrent - 100

Number of upload slots per torrent - 4

Enable DHT Network - Checked

Enable DHT for new torrents - Checked

Enable Local Peer Discovery - Checked

Ask tracker for scrape information - Checked

Enable Peer Exchange - Checked

Limit local peer bandwidth - Unchecked

Protocol Encryption: Outgoing - Enabled, Allow incoming legacy connections - Checked

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looks fine. so what the problem ? you reached your defined download limit at a constant rate. Sounds OK to me. I would double the# of upload slots, and personally - cancel the DL limit when bandwidth is not required for other applications.

don't worry for the low upload, there is simple not much demand for this specific torrent...

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my speeds are crap it i download at about 10kbs and upload at about 8kbs. ive got the same settings as kingkeno and my firewall (windows FW) is letting utorrent through. how do i reach faster speeds? .ive got a yellow triangle at the bottom , its usualy a red circle how do i change it to green.im using virgin media tv box and a ntl router with a netgear wireless router.

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