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"No Incoming Connections" after router was restarted


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I had this problem for weeks and i had finally fixed it, or so i thought. We recently were forced to move our router for a short time and had to unplug it from the phone jack and power source. Voila, my torrents will no longer download and that orange triangle is at the bottom of my uTorrent laughing at me.

I tried to forward several ports that i tried in uTorrent but nothing has worked. The strange thing i can't figure out is, whenever i "Apply" a port change in uTorrent, it then won't allow me to forward that port on my router/modem. But then if i forward the port before "Applying" it in uTorrent and then hit apply after the port is forwared, it claims the port has been forwarded correctly and is working, yet my Torrents still will not download. I've used the windows Start -> Run -> cmd -> ipconfig and i'm sure i'm forwarding the port to right IP.

Here's some of the information the "guidelines" requested, it may not be a complete list but i'll post more of it tommorow when i'm able to find out for sure what model my router is ect...

-- ISP - Telus. I live in western Canada, i'm not sure how many of you are familiar with Telus or if anyone lives in the region.

-- Connection speed (in kilobits per second [kbps]) - Just did a speed test using the URL for a speed test in the uTorrent Speed Guide and it says "2245 Kb/s" download speed and "547 Kb/s" upload speed. Hope that's what you need, if not let me know.

-- Router make and model, firmware version if you can find it Will get make and model tommorow but i do have the firmware version: "004-E652-A3D-115-36-13"

-- TCP/IP patch - yes/no, if yes, patched to how many half-open I'm not aware of one, so i'd say no for now

-- Software firewalls, if any - these cause plenty of problemsJust windows firewall(has been turned off) and the AVG Resident Shield(has also been disabled)

-- Antivirus software AVG Free Edition

-- µTorrent settings Not sure what exactly you want to know for this part, if someone could let me know i'll post it here tommorow as well

I'm hoping someone here can help me out with some advice or something to try. I know it's possible for torrents to download, they were working fine for a while and have suddenly stopped working again right after the router was unplugged and plugged back in. If you need more information than what i provided please just post here and let me know. Thanks for reading this really long post.

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When ever that happens to me, it's always a UPnP issue. So, I'd say make sure your router has UPnP enabled. Mine goes out randomly sometimes, and cutting of the wireless adapter, restarting the machine, or restarting the router fixes it.

Not sure if that's much help...

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