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Utorrent port not working properly


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Hey something odd is happening with utorrent. First my router crashes but before it did I had the port I wanted forwarded and it was working perfectly. When I recover my router and set it up again I forward the port but utorrent doesn't seem to see it open. I have it set in a range too from 50000 to 51004. Now if I were to change the range from 50000 to 51000 and set a separate range for 51001 to 51001 then utorrent sees 51001 as open. Now next problem is when I put 51001 in the preferences utorrent seems to force itself to look at 51002 even though it is set to 51001 in preferences. 51002 is being used by another app. I'm hoping someone knows what is going on because this is beyond me. Thanks for anyones help.

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