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Connection problems.


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My parents just upgraded to a Belkin F5D8233-4 N Wireless router and ever since I have not been able to download torrents properly. I suspect this has something to do with the NAT now being enabled however, my brother is able to download perfectly fine yet my computer cannot even connect and begin to download and when it's try to it brings the internet to a halt. I have tried forwarding to about 100 different ports but nothing seems to make a difference, the routers DMZ is a dud, "Enable UPnP port mapping" is not enabled, "Enable NAT-PMP port mapping" is not enabled either. I have my global connections set at 200. Utorrent used to work perfectly for me with a green connection icon but I can't seem to work it out anymore. I don't know anybody else who has a wireless network who has this many issues with uTorrent either.

Please help.

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