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uTorrent minimizes (to tray) when disconnecting/reconnecting via RDP


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uTorrent Build 10524

Windows Server 2003 SP2


I run uTorrent on a Windows Server 2003 box in my office. I RDP to the box (console session) from my laptop (running Vista SP1.) uTorrent is configured to load at logon and nicely minimizes to tray when it does. When manually brought to the foreground in an RDP session, it functions perfectly ... when I disconnect the session (not logoff) leaving uTorrent as the active (and obviously not-minimized window) and later reconnect, uTorrent has once again minimized to tray.


Allow the window state to persist within the session regardless of whether the session is connected or not.

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Nod, positive; it's the only app. that behaves this way. Setting 'close to tray' in prefs. _should_ be an event triggered by a process 'Close', not a session disconnect. To my mind - it is a bug ... but, to be honest, it still classifies as an annoyance even if some deem it 'by design' ... so perhaps annoyances too should be corrected.

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