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Randomizing the port


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I just don't know what to do to get steady permanent ul speeds. I used the faq, help guide, read for hours and hours the forum, check the stickies, the 1.8 beta...

After changing many times the approach, my current situation is as follows.

I have 128 kb/s ul according to every speed test I found. I tried the speed guide with 128 kb/s setings, and also tweaking many many possible combination starting from this set. Now I'm using the 96 kb/s set. Starting from this set, after not having success, I also tweaked several params, one at a time. Each time I waited several minutes, even hours, to see if it is useful. My net.max_halfopen is set to 3. Using Vista SP1 with last updates and last drivers.

Every time I thought I got steady ul speed, after a while I started to see ups and downs, sometimes as ocean waves, sometimes as a "sin" function. In those cases, I waited to see if these waves were a thing of a couple of minutes (or 10, or 30 min). Each time I couldn't get to see steady ul speeds again.

Since I am using "skip files" in this multi-file torrent, I *can* see the ul speed is steady each time I am just seeding. Every file of this torrent I have downloded is still there for seeding when I change another "new" file from "skip" to "normal" or "high".

So I think, maybe, Am I choking myself? If this is true, I just don't know how to resolve this problem. I've been tweaking ut for 2 weeks (and more), lowering params, then setting them higher, then back to low... As I said, each param at a time, without success. I even changed 2 or more params at the same time (lowering both slots and max ul speed, to give just one example).

Since I'm using just Windows Firewall and no router, it is not so difficult to change the port in ut.

I noticed that if each time I get unsteady ul speeds I manually change the port (Random Port in ut), then I can get steady ul speed again, but I have to watch every now and then the speed, to change the port when is needed. Until this action, my dl speed was constantly descending (I've been downloading for 2 weeks this multi-file torrent).

Now I have to change the port every 45 minutes or so, when I detect the ul speed graph is not steady any more. This lap-time is not exact, and can be shorter or, if I get lucky, longer.

Does this sounds familiar to anyone? Am I making any sense? Does anyone have any suggestions to improve this situation?

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