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Utorrent freeze on download - XP and Vista


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The freeze ocurres on XP as well !

It is not caused by wirelless or any other drivers - checked !

On even clean install it happens too + disabled all things not needed + no other software installed.

Can not be reproduced in VM - at least i can't.

All this is making me think that:

AMD based systems have something to do with that, if any other that have the same issue is on an AMD based machine, especially on X2 than probbaly that is the thing. AMD Dual Core Optimizer - does not fix the problem, but in some cases even makes it worst.

AMD driver for the CPU does not fix the problem.

The problem is somewhere in the caching / joining cached parts algo. because that is when the freeze occurs / at least here /. All versions from 1.7 to latest beta are suceptable to that freeze.

Changing settings is not working.

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The problem is not low speed or crippled download or what ever - it's plain and simple crash / freeze/ of the whole system. Using the AMD driver does nothing, neither the Dual Core Optimizer as i previously said. So that is some other problem.

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