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rogers STOPPED? throttling?


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im not sure if im the only one, but i regularly download off of torrents and i always get decent speeds(300kb.s usually but upload is always 0.2kb around there) but now im getting the full capability of my connection! im actually uploading, which is a shock because i never get any upload speed! now my connection maxes out(if there are a good number of seeders) my advertised speed is 7.0mbps down and 768kup

does this mean rogers stopped throttling? or did they just uncap me? or..??

anyone else getting the same thing?

p.s. i honestly don't know where i should post this thread, it probably doesn't belong here..

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I didn't mean as far as which trackers you're uploading to OR even what type of torrents.

I meant peers...are the peers you're uploading to often ALSO on Rogers?

Still for big, "popular" torrents with lots of seeds and peers, finding someone else on Rogers should be relatively easy.

Rogers also has less reason to throttle uploads/downloads to/from ISPs they're immediately connected to. (better peering arrangements, presumably.)

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