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Random LAN Cable Unplugged Problem


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Hi all. My first post here, an I really need some help.

Every time I open utorrent now and begin downloading a message constantly and randomly appears saying that my Local Area Connection Cable is unplugged, but it's not.

This only happens when I am connected through my router a linksys "BEFSR41". I have all of my ports forwarded properly and have a static ip address as well as the latest firmware. This router has never given me any trouble in the past so I'm not positive if this is it. This also started happening after I reinstalled windows xp. My connection speeds also slow down sometimes but usually go back to normal after a while. The same cable unplugged message however keeps appearing!

So should I just buy a new router? Or is there an easier way to fix this? Because this is driving me crazy!!

I'm really sorry if I missed an earlier post or a stickie about this but I've looked and looked and can't find anything.

Thanks in advance

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If the router freezes... this is likely the case. The troubleshooting sticky (linked below as Read Me) covers possible solutions. It's mainly a case of if your problem is inevitable (broken firmware) or temporary due to the spike to connections bittorrent creates (in which case you can lower your settings to remove the problem).

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