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utorrent unable to download after crash


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I've always been able to download torrents with no problems, but now that this has happened twice recently I thought I should look for a solution.

If windows crashes while a torrent is downloading, regardless of the cause of the crash (I believe this one was an infinite loop ingame that caused BSOD or something similar), when I restart any torrents that were running at the time of the crash get stuck as if they don't know if they're downloading or inactive. The only way I have found so far to get them downloading again is to restart the torrents from scratch; is there a better method?

If you need any further information, just ask.



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Status is 'Downloading', but they're clearly not.

Edit: Don't know why, but I just exited it and replaced the exe with the new beta one and they're working again (simply restarting utorrent doesn't fix it)

*Shrug* I dunno. That worked. I'll have to try it again if it does that in future. Thanks for your mega-fast response anyway.

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