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Im new to all this so take it easy on me.

I dont know how to explain my problem in proper terms so i will just try to say it the way i see it: I downloaded utorrent, typed what i wanted in the search box and when to select what sites to search on, i only have google and bittorrent. So, i cant find almost anything. Can somebody tell me how to add more sites for utorrent to search on? Please.

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Right, i went into user interface and copy-pasted a couple of utorrent sites links in the search engine editing box. I select the site i want utorrent to search on, then i type what i want to search for and then i press enter. It doesnt work. It doesnt open anything.

Is there something im doing wrong?

The search box is not even working, I enter the title of whatever i'm looking for hit enter and nothing happens. Is there some setting I need to change? If I download something via another site using utorrent the file downloads fine, Just seems to be the search function not working.

I've looked on the help guide and found nothing.

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