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Problem Torrents


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Utorrent works great, but every now and then I get a torrent that causes me problems.

All my active torrents are running fine, full connectivity, good speeds etc. but when I add certain torrents, all the torrent trackers timeout, when I make the problem torrent inactive, all the trackers come back online, I have two such problem torrents at the moment, both of them cause the same problem to other torrents/trackers.

I am running 1.7.7, DHT is disabled and I have played with half open settings, Global connections, Connections per torrent etc etc, but always get the same problem with these torrents.

99% of the torrents I run have no problems what so ever, its just the odd 1% that do this.

Any ideas?

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Global is 300 (tried 100 same same)

Max per torrent 100 (tried 20 same same)

Half open is now 8 (tried 4 same same, but has been as high as 50 with no problem, apart from the odd 1% of torrents)

My upload cap is set to 75 KB/s, I get speed test results mostly just above 100 KB/s, so think my cap is good.

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No, the speed test results are in Kb/s, which works out to be around the 100 KB/s mark, yes uTorrent sustains the upload cap.

Edit for clarity

uTorrent does not (normaly, unless its a popular torrent) reach its cap with just one torrent active, I run 5 torrents for download, and max 7 active, the cap is spread over the 7.


jewelisheaven, think your right, I have noticed only popular torrents (large swarm) have this problem, what can I do other than run these torrents with no other activity?

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