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Settings for a 6144 down / 512 up DSL connection


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Hello all,

My DSL connection speed is 6144 kbps downstream and 512 kbps upstream, I have setup my µTorrent 1.3 with the following settings taken by putting my configuration at http://www.keloran.be/?p=ut and using the average setting:

In torrent options:

Global Maximum Number of Connections: 200

Maximum Number of Connections Per Torrent: 50

Number of Upload Slots Per Torrent: 34

Use Additional Slots if under 90%: ticked

In Network options:

Global Upload Speed: 25

Global Download Speed: 553

and in seeding priority:

Ratio: 150

Seeding has higher priority: ticked

Limit Upload when ration reached: ticked

Limit Upload when ration reached: 5

I'm using Windows XP SP2 'TCP/IP patched' with 100 in Current maximum concurrent half-open connections and in µTorrent, net.max_halfopen with 50.

My question is: I'm using the right values with my actual DSL connection? I will appreciate any recommendation or modification! :-) Thanks in advance!

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First, thank you all! :-)

I changed the settings according Firon advise, the downstream is high (I tried with an OpenOffice torrent), but the upstream is a little slowly, only 10 kbps to 15-17 kbps :-S, I'm currently seeding/downloading 3 torrents. This is strange because I was using BitComet at past and the upstream was always more than 20 kbps.

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fixed the bugs in hte script (hopefully)

Actually, it seems worse than ever.

Please take it offline till it starts returning values LESS than theoretical maximums for the entered connection speeds.

Also, with settings of 1024 kbps down, 128 kbps up, and seed...it said I needed 85 upload slots per torrent.

When using the same bandwidth and 'average' user, it said upload speed could be set to 96 KB/sec!

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