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disconnects overnight, have followed everything so far need help


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Hey guys, getting constant disconnects overnight, think it might be isp end in austrlian using gotalk.

heres what I have tried:-

firewalls, different ports, upload speed changed to 25kbps (was getting average 35kb on several speed checks).

DHT disabled, Enabling Protocol Encryption, now changed to forced to see if its fixed..will update

have all green down the bottom but when i leave and the scheduler kicks in, look in morning and pc disconnects

heres some more info:-

uTorrent Port Checker.

A test will be performed on your computer to check if the specified port is opened.

Checking port 58038 on

OK! Port 58038 is open and accepting connections.

You will be able to receive incoming BitTorrent connections.

net.max_halfopen - 8

Windows xp sp2

only using windows firewall, also running avg virus (no firewall) free version.

Dlink DSL-502T router

ISP Gotalk (australia)

hope that helps..



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DSL? Try setting the D-Link to bridge mode, and if necessary configure PPPoE on your computer according to the guide in my signature. See if it freezes. If you have more then one computer, you probably will only be able to use one computer at a time. If it works fine though, and you need multiple computers, you can purchase a replacement routing modem, or just a router, to handle things.

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no go, changed to bridge mode on router and wouldn't connect, looks like im gunna need to buy new modem. any you suggest, or ones to stay away from?


updated to latest firmware too just to be sure,

have now changed net.max_halfopen - to 6

max global connections to 60

max upload to 12

would anything in the router firewall be causing the disconnects, ie a safety feature.?

can i turn anything off as windows does all the firewall for me. (and yes i have ports forwarded and firewall fine)

something else out of interest, i have seen a few of these posts. does it really make a difference if im connected using usb to the routher rather than lan?

so far so good, will have to wait till i find a few torrents to d/l as this is on one. that will be a true test. then I can start tweaking settings again if all is well.

UPDATE day 2 again so far so good, did have a d/c last nigth but thats only because the power went out, I woke up and restarted everything and went ok, concerned with d/l speeds now, again will check and report.

day 3

so far so very good, queued a few torrents to give ita good work out, out of 9 5 finished overnight no d/c. looking good. will leave it a few more days and complete my diagnosis, complete with settings for anyone else with 502t or similar issues

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