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No incoming connections and VERY slow to no download speed.


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I can't seem to get my router to accept the ports I'm trying to open. The yellow icon always stays, saying no incoming connections. It's been 3 days now and I really don't know what to do anymore.


My public IP starts with: 82.74

I tried enabling and disabling upnp, tried the net_bind_ip "fix", both didn't help.

What I've tried:

Port forwarding with different ports.

Checking, rechecking, editing, reverting and all that kind of crap with my router and Utorrent settings.

Following most tips I could find about this subject.

The color of the status:

Yellow, saying "no incoming connections".

What the port checker from the Speed Guide writes:

Error! Port 6112 does not appear to be open.

What the Speed Guide shows my settings to be:

upload limit: 25 kB/s

connections: 70

Max active torrents: 4

Upload slots: 3

Connections (global): 130

Max active downloads: 3

What I have net.max_halfopen set to:


Operating system:

Windows XP Professional

Security software installed:

Zone Alarm, Avast! Home edition, Threatfire.

Router model:

Emonent nShare EM4422. (Don't know moden)

ISP (Internet Service Provider) being used:


Connection type:

Cable, 256 kB/s I believe.

Speed test:

Download: 203,4 kB/s

Upload: 25,3 kB/s


This began after I re-installed windows XP, about 4~5 days ago.

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1: Look in my post, it says what my first half is i believe. :P

2: I like ZA, and it didn't matter if i had it on or not before, so why now ?

EDIT: Tried turning it off on several occasions. Didn't make any difference.

3: It worked fine before i reinstalled windows.

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Turning off ZA doesn't actually disable it. And it would matter because ZA is a piece of crap that functions poorly, just search the forum. Also, is that address according to your router? Getting it from a website doesn't count, though ZA seems the most likely candidate and you should uninstall it. If that doesn't work, once the problem is worked out you could put it back in, but it's still crap.

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Uninstalled ZA. No change. Still says the port isn't forwarded when I do that port checker, while I do have it opened in the virtual server.

I have that part of the IP directly from my router. I don't use websites for that.

Small change: Download speeds are about 5 to 10Kb/s higher now. So the firewall was a small part of the problem. I'm still not getting the 150+ download speeds i used to get though.

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MemberRe: Please Please Help.hi guys hope your all well i need help real bad i am useing t mobile web and walk stick for my internet and cant find a port that is open my icon is yellow or red on incoming it says i have no conection on u torrent and download is slow plz help

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