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Downloading a lot but it's not going anywhere.

Grinny Mohawker

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Hi, I've been using uTorrent for a long time now and have never had any problems with it until the last 2 weeks.

I'm currently shaped to 64K in my off-peak (midnight to 8am). I can usually download about 300MB to 400MB in that time period. This is no longer the case.

This is what I've found:

* I set my scheduler to starting downloading at midnight, and stop at 8am.

* By 8am my internet usage meter shows 400MB used

* uTorrent "Speed" tab will show consistent download speed all night ~ 5KBytes/second. it's just a flatline at 5KB/s starting at midnight ending at 8am.

* only about 50MB of actual file is downloaded (!)

I simple cannot account for the missing 350MB. It went "somewhere". For the last 2 weeks, I've seen a large amount of download used over night, it appears to be consumed by uTorrent, but the actual files aren't growing in size by the same amount.

If I download the same torrents in my peak-time (at high speed), I can download them without "losing" most of the data.

I've tried other torrent links, I've reinstalled uTorrent, I've done a check disk on the hard drive. I've logged errors, nothing weird.

Also, uTorrent shows the "Done %" incorrectly.

e.g. This is what uTorrent shows me:

Size: 367MB file

Downloaded: 24.3MB

Done: 28.3% (24.3 / 367 = 6.5%!)

It's like uTorrent thinks that it has downloaded 28.% of the file but it really only completed 24.3MB of it.

Can anyone help me?

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I have a bunch of files queued for download, here are some hashfail stats since I restarted uTorrent about 16 hours ag:

File 1:

Time Elapsed: 16h 3m

Size: 367MB

Downloaded: 34.3MB

Uploaded: 116MB

Wasted: 18.5MB (0 hashfails)

File 2:

Time Elapsed: 16h 3m

Size: 363MB

Downloaded: 34.2MB

Uploaded: 114MB

Wasted: 23.4MB (0 hashfails)

File 3:

Time Elapsed: 16h 3m

Size: 348MB

Downloaded: 47.3MB

Uploaded: 61.7MB

Wasted: 21.8MB (0 hashfails)

Why would I *suddenly* be losing lots of these files? This seems to be happening with a bunch of TV Series Torrents, and only when I run them overnight at the lower download speed.



Now that I know that I know that I am supposed to be searching for "Wasted" and "uTorrent" i realised that I needed to implement the ipfilter.dat system to stop these people wasting my bandwidth.

See these links for details:



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Actually, wasted is good but DUPLICATE data. 2 Peers (or seeds) sent you the same thing around the same time. The duplicate amount is called 'wasted', and there's no hash errors (hashfails).

To a small degree at least what settings you're trying to use in uTorrent can increase wasted amounts. Having lots of peers+seeds connections on a torrent would seem to increase the odds of 2 peers/seeds sending you the same thing at once. Too few connections is equally bad...if not worse.

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Grinny Mohawker,

While you're shaped, you need to use extremely conservative settings in uTorrent.

Even when you quit being shaped again, you probably need to set your connection slightly more conservative than Speed Guide suggests as far as max connections total and per torrent.

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