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queue rules


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I had search I think the thing I want to do is not available yet. But I would just like to confirm.

As I understand the queue rules:

1. download will be first unless you set "seeding priority"

2. seeding will with * under # column takes priority

3. seeding also goes by the time it's added. This part I am not too sure, so if it's added first it will have priority if the # status is the same. Right?

Here is what I want to know, I set my upload/seeding ratio to -1 by default. By my upload speed I can only have 2 uploading and 1 downloading. I have the following torrents ready for seeding:

1. seeding ratio set to 200%, it's ratio now is 1.3, added 40 days ago

2. default ration of -1, it's ratio now is > 5, added 10 days ago

3. default ration of -1, it's ratio now is about 0.6, added 10 days ago (after 2)

4. seeding ratio set to 200%, it's ration is 2.0 (no * under #), added 20 days ago

5. default ration of -1, it's ration is > 3, added 50 days ago

Assuming that both upload spots are available, these are all in the seed queue, which will uT choose to start seeding? and why?

Also, when will uT move onto the next queued item?

Or does uT choose base on connected peers and seeding numbers? But from my seraches, uT I gathered that uT does not do that as yet, is that right? If would be great if it does.

Thanks. :)

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