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enabling/disabling DHT


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I'm using utorrent (1.2.2) to seed files for a small private tracker. Everything works fine.

We have maximum 5-6 peers per torrent.

Today I found about 30 peers on a recently downloaded torrent.

I supposed it was due to DHT enabled: I disabled it both on general torrent options and on the windows that appears doubleclicking the torrent. Then I shut down utorrent end re-switched it on. The window shows 'DHT disabled' but I still have 30 peers.

I tried to download the same file from another pc and I disabled DHT before downloading the torrent: the client showed -correctly- 6 peers.

During download I enabled DHT and in few seconds I reached the 20+ peers; then I disabled DHT again and that extra peers did not disappear.

Shut down and turned on the client again (with dht disabled) and the peers are still there

Is there something wrong in this behavior? Or is it something already fixed? Or am I particularly unlucky?


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All clients will keep an internal list of peers they got, regardless of WHERE they got them. And they keep it across sessions too. In fact, you could stop it, turn your PC off for a month, and it'd still remember them (though the success rate of connecting to any of them is another matter)

Don't turn on DHT next time? ;]

The simple fact that you already announced once to DHT is a problem because all other DHT-enabled peers would've gotten you, and as such would try to connect to you regardless of if DHT was on or off later.

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