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Mega Pack Download


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I'm curently downloading a torrent, wich is 80GB.

My problem is that I dont have enought disk space to finish the download.

So my question is it posible to remove some of the files from the torrent download directory, without interupting the download and getting an error ?

Thanks for all of you who will answer my question and excuse me if it has been answerd before.

Greetings... :)

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This is just what I'm douing at the moment.

But I would not be able to finish downloading all the files unless I get hold of some extra space...


It just ocured to me....

I can download part of the files from the megapack and save them to DVD.

Delete the torrent and all of its files and add the torrent all over again, but now I will skip the files I've downloaded...LOL

Thanks for the answer...:P

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that's one way of doing it but it compares to scratching ur left ear with ur right arm around your head...

ctrl + click the files you downloaded @ 100%, right click and select don't download / skip

delete these files now and the download doesn't even need to be stopped.

I'd just make sure no file has an overlapping piece but then again that piece would be redownloaded so it's not really a biggie.

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... If you do that you'll invariably get an ERROR: File not found. Why? Because uT thinks it still has that data, when you deleted it.

If you're apt to do this alot... get a new hard drive, and use 1.8 :D In 1.8 you can use "Relocate" for multi-file torrents to do the same as you can do right now with "Set download location" for individual files.

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