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Quit downloading properly


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So here is my situation.

I can no longer add new torrents for some reason.

When I click to download torrents I get the same prompts as before except the window with the files inside the torrent doesn't appear and I can't start the download from there.

Here is what I do and what happens.

I click on the link to d/l > file d/l window pops up and asks whether I want to save or open and I choose open as I always have > then Internet Explorer security window pops up saying that "website wants to open content using program on computer" (uTorrent) and I choose "Allow" as I always have > HERE IS THE PROBLEM, What used to happen is that another popup from uTorrent used to come up listing all the files in the torrent and give me the option to start the download but this window no longer appears and the torrent doesn't start or appear anywhere.

Under the preferences > Downloads >When Adding Torrents, I have all 3 selected

I have checked Association under Preferences > General > Windows Integration

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, Thanks!

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I have had that selected the whole time.

I've been trying different combinations of settings and still can't add new torrents to d/l through the client

Any other ideas guys?

Appreciate it!


So I decided to uninstall uTorrent and then reinstall it, everything is back to working as normal... nto sure what the problem was...

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