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Torrents and BSOD


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Hi all, new to the forums and was hoping to get some help with a problem I have been having.

I've done a lot of searching to fix this problem, yet to no avail. The problem is whenever I attempt to download a torrent, regardless of the program being used, I get that good old reliable BSOD with the error 0x00000050 and also something about ntfs.sys. Now I have tried several things. I did a memory test on all 4 individual sticks of ram in each slot on my mobo and no problems were detected. I also took off comodo firewall and just have AVG and Spybot as protection right now. I updated my graphics card to the latest NVIDIA drivers, as well as the NVIDIA mobo driver and uninstalled NAM. It happens between 5 to 20 minutes of a torrent downloading, but my computer runs perfectly fine when there is now download in progress. There is a definite correlation between the error and torrents for it has never happened when it is not running in the background. Another point is that it used to work perfectly and started doing this about a month ago. I'm not sure what it could be related to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will be happy to provide any more specific information that you think might be important to the problem.

Thanks in advanced,


Edit: Could someone help please? It's really frustrating not being able to use torrents ever.

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